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The Apostle Paul – a nasty, complex character

shut the fuck up

“That Saint Paul…He’s the one who makes all the trouble.” (Ernest Hemingway, Paul was the creator of Christian theology. I feel no warmth for him, nor do I like his messages. He had an incessant self-righteous manner. His ideas were irritatingly convoluted and his ethics depraved. He deliberately distorted the Nazarenes’ (including the family and disciples of Jesus ) beliefs with his own. He was a man intent on manipulating people and shoring up his own status, and all this is very unattractive. It’s easy to be critical of historical characters if we don’t understand their world from their … More…


The Last Supper never happened


Saint Paul, the most prolific author in the New Testament, had almost nothing to say about Jesus the person. He hadn’t read any of the gospels, as they hadn’t been written yet. There is, however, one notable exception, (although it may be an interpolation,) when in the first letter to the Corinthians, the author claimed he knew what Jesus said on the night he was betrayed. The writer had just finished lecturing women on what they should wear and what to do with their hair, when he turned to instructing the community on when to eat and drink. He used a … More…