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The True Essence of the Bible

Yahweh was originally only one of many fictional Israelite gods, and power hungry priests engineered his rise to prominence for political purposes. - The Old Testament is rife with immoral instructions and examples of depravity. - The Gospels are largely fabricated. Yeshua, if he ever existed, ... More

Confusion in the Bible

The Bible is very ambiguous. Every verse is a product of people in particular times and places; always to assert authority, maybe to restate tradition, upstage a rival story, assimilate a popular myth, or create a new one. As a consequence, different authors had quite varied ideas about G

The Gospels are not Truthful Depictions of History

To examine the Gospels objectively, we need to dig deeper than just reading well-chosen, neatly packaged snippets as typically presented in Christian books and churches. We should assess them in their entirety, who wrote them, what their connections with Yeshua (the real historical Jesus) were, when they were written, and why. Massive holes then appear in the traditional tales. ... More