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God in Context


In my book I’ve systematically debunked the Bible, almost the entire basis of belief. I’ve concluded that Yahweh was only ancient man’s feeble attempt to control others, so he doesn’t exist. There are some other angles that prove he’s a fiction. I’m referring to god’s spatial, numerical, and temporal contexts. Ancient Palestine, the place where belief in Yahweh was born, was only a smallish spot on the earth’s surface, an area roughly the size of Wales. The earth is only a tiny dot in an immense, in fact infinite, universe. When we gaze into the night sky, some of the … More…


Yahweh was a right old Bastard


If Christians are going to pray to, and even love, Yahweh, they should picture him in their mind’s eye. I’ve read the Old Testament a few times and have drawn my own conclusions about him. He had nearly all the most unattractive features of a primitive tyrant. He was violent, sexist, racist, egotistical, power-hungry, capricious, jealous, homophobic, and not particularly intelligent. He allowed and encouraged rape, even of children. He sanctioned slavery, war, murder and the unnecessary killing of animals. He took sides and interfered in proceedings like a meddlesome, mischievous bully. He passed judgment on the most trivial of … More…