What is Atheism?

Atheism is the disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or Gods.

I think, generally speaking, atheists are happier, healthier people that theists. I also think the world be a better, safer place if there were more atheists. You will find evidence and explanations for these opinions on this website and throughout my book.

One of the reasons people believe in God is that they are looking for meaning in their lives. Yet the concept of a God’s existence is not based on any fact; but just tradition and wishful thinking.

Nor does a belief in God give anything back that is real. God is the second rate, generic, easy, yet flawed default solution to man’s search for meaning. There are far better ways to find happiness than having a pretend relationship with a non existent deity. Those ways do not rely on unreal fantasies, and do not open up people to exploitation. We all need to discover these ways for ourselves.

Atheists are free to find meaning however they choose, without getting caught up in anyone else’s agenda. If we accept there is no God, we are not throwing anything away, but discovering ourselves, and we break free from corporate control. That is cathartic!

If you have been a Christian, and are brave enough to let go of your belief, you will think more clearly, be less opinionated, more accepting of others, and gentler on yourself. You will discover that God, the Bible and preachers are holding you back, because open mindedness and rational thinking are far superior. Cognitive dissonance will disappear, real self-esteem improve, you will have more time and money, and you will probably find more real friends. You will not feel the need to look to gurus, priests, preachers, or creeds, because you will be left with something a lot more beautiful, unique and true; your inner self.


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There is little doubt that your children will, in the decades to come, work out the above for themselves. You will save them a lot of angst, and in future times they will resent you less, if you remove Christianity from their curriculum now. Allow me to share some ideas with you that may help give you the licence to do just that.



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