An Invitation to all Christians

Dear Christian, do you suspect you are wasting your time in church?

870312202_6cfb5eee39_zAre you tired of being told a preacher, a priest, a book or a god has all the answers?

Do you feel ripped off? Patronised? Bored?

Have you had your individuality, or your sexuality, or your intellect, suppressed? Do you feel you haven’t had your say?

Are you frightened of death? Of hell? Have you been threatened with God’s courtroom?

Are you tired of being told that one day everything will be fine in heaven?

loud preacherHave you ever noticed the loudest Christians are the ones earning money from it? Do you know for sure where all the money given to your church goes? Are you tired of judgmental cliques and petty gossip? Have you discovered that your church cares more about your wallet than you? Are you tired of being a team player? Of leaders, elders and gurus? Of being told what to think and how to behave? Of always being told someone else knows better than you?

Are you perplexed by a cold, unfair, uncaring world?

Are you disillusioned with prayer? Have you wondered whether “he’s” really listening?

guiltDo you resent being labelled a sinner? Are you tired of feeling guilty?

Do you find the bible inconsistent? Have you ever wondered who realy wrote it? That god could be a figment of ancient man’s imagination? That there’s no objective evidence for his existence? That even if he exists he might not care?

Do you really believe Mary was a virgin?

Who was Jesus? Why he was crucified? Why are the Jews, Jesus’ own people, still waiting for their messiah? Has it occurred to you that Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead?

Who was Paul, the founder of Christian theology?

manipulationHave you ever wondered  Why churchmen burnt “witches?” Why they didn’t let people read the bible? why six million Jews were murdered in the holocaust?

Why are there hymns? Christmas presents? Easter eggs? Why do churches run schools? Are you wondering how to best educate your kids?

Are you tired of being told what “God” wants or expects? Of having Bible quotes put forward as answers? Of being told God works in mysterious ways?

2178106658_42d45a9144Are you angry you’ve been talked down to because you’re a woman? Have you been told to submit to your husband?

Have you suffered from anxiety or depression, and been told the solution is to  “read your bible,” be “more spiritual”, a “better Christian”, or “closer to God?”

Are you tired of control, “tradition,” and being judged? Are you sick of being indoctrinated with rules and regulations?

Are you surrounded by hypocrisy?

Do you feel like your real identity has been stripped from you? Have you ever just wanted to scream? To stop pretending?

I think I can help you. The solution to these problems lies in a rational examination of Christianity. What exactly is it? Who made it up, when and why? The answer is that it always was, and still is, nothing more than a tool used by authoritative figures to control you.

those who wereI can explain the reasons for all the above. I can help you get over Christianity by understanding it.

You will need to put some effort in to understand the history. For a start, please read my blogs. Examine some of the links. If your interest is stimulated, get my book (soon to be published.)

I will help you make it all make sense. Your confusion and your frustration will melt away. You will then be free to be you. To trust and love yourself. No gurus, no teachers, no leaders, no faith, no wishful thinking, no unanswered prayers, no dogma. Just you…and a whole world of like-minded friends – facing and dealing with the world in whatever way is best. It’s a truly powerful, heart warming, real place to be. You will feel a new affinity with genuine, not pretend, friends.

anti-intellectualismGood things happen for those who make them happen. You can’t go wrong, because you can always go back if you choose. I will help open the door for you, but only you can walk through. A self-empowering freedom awaits you! Are you willing to be open-minded, to make a change for the better?

Truth is pure, and knowledge is empowering. I think you will intuitivitely recognise truth as you read these pages. I feel confident the information I share with you will help you get over Christianity by understanding it.









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