About Mark

Mark with patient girlfriend Enly

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. My parents were practicing Catholics.

I attended Catholic schools during my formative years. As a child and young man I never felt comfortable with Christianity, considering much of it inherently implausible. Like millions of others I suffered through religious instruction and church services, but I didn’t have the maturity or inclination or time to seriously question the dogma. I now regret the waste of countless hours lost in Christian indoctrination during my youth.

The day I left home as a sixteen year old I stopped going to church. I’d had enough of being told what to believe and how to behave. I obtained a medical degree, and am now a practicing doctor on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I own a practice with a particular interest in preventative medicine. I have a holistic approach to my patients, and try to help people achieve not only good health, but also happiness.

Some years ago I began to notice that many of my Christian patients had significant psychological issues, and I wondered to what degree their Christian beliefs were responsible for their problems. I suspected that many political issues, too, had their roots in religious beliefs. The time was right to make a serious study of the religion I was born into.

I wanted to discover the essence of Christianity, and spent nearly all my spare time in the next seven years studying early Christian history, with a particular emphasis on the bible. The more I learned, the more intriguing the puzzle became.

After many years I arrived at some firm conclusions. I thought them worth sharing, so wrote them down. The result is this, my first book, a product of over seven years of intensive thought and investigation.

I write in a colloquial, rather than formal style, and not as a biblical scholar, but as a layman, which I hope adds appeal to the writing. Some of my views are partly based on my own professional experience.

What’s revealed may be life changing for some people. I hope this website, and my book (soon to be published) will appeal to everyone who enjoys history and informed opinions about the Bible and Christianity.



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